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Candle, Bath & Body Resources

bath-imageCandle Containers

These are the containers that would be most suitable for candles. Depending on what type of candle you are creating, you may want to browse all of our containers. Many of our customers use a variety of jar styles for their bath & body products like hand crafted scrubs, creams, bath salts, oils and more! Please note whether or not a lid or cover is included. Covers/Lids/Closures are sold separately unless included by the manufacturer (i.e. Ball jars).  When viewing the product page of a container, the closures that are designed to fit that container will show up along the right, under “Accessories”.

Container Closures

lids from fillmore containerWe have a wide variety of closures:

Candle Wax

We currently carry wax from the top 3 premium soy producers: NatureWax, EcoSoya, and Golden Brands. Here’s the Wax Properties

If all soy waxes were identical in relation to appearance and performance with all fragrances and/or dyes, the craft wouldn’t be quite as exciting! We are sure to pass along all handling recommendations that we receive from the manufacturers. Because each chandler has their individual vision of their end product, the handling suggestions become very basic to allow folks to test and pour in order to find their perfect combination. Community boards and our Facebook page are good ways to connect with other chandlers for tips.


EcoSoya Update:
New EcoSoya waxes expected in April 2017eco soy

EcoSoya has announced their next generation of candle waxes. Expect improved scent throw, increased stability and richer colors in their EcoSoya 110 (a great replacement for CB- Advanced Soy), EcoSoya 120 and EcoSoya 130. These new waxes should be released spring 2017. More details from the manufacturer will be available soon.

**NGI has discontinued their current EcoSoya waxes (CB Advanced, CBXcel, CB135 and Pillar Blend).

Wax Handling Sheets

NatureWax C-1 Handling Sheet

NatureWax C-3 Handling Sheet

NatureWax Elite-200 Handling Sheet

NatureWax Elite-300 Handling Sheet

Feathering Pillar Wax Handling Sheet

CB XCEL Handling Sheet

CB135 Handling Sheet

CB Advanced Handling Sheet

Pillar Blend Handling Sheet

AAK Golden Waxes Handling Sheet

Fragrance Oil Truscent Fragrance

TruScent full strength made-for-soy fragrance oils have been tested and formulated to perform well with soy wax. Fragrances are packaged in Amber bottles with phenolic polycone lids and are available in 1oz, 16oz and in some cases by the drum (10lb or 25lb; depending on the fragrance). Here are the top sellers for 2016.

Candle Wicks Wicks

Our wicks are designed to work well in soy wax. We offer a High Temperature Paper wick and the Premier (textile-grade Cotton), we also carry 10″ wicks for prayer candle use. Here’s our wick chart.

Candle AccessoriesMetal Candle Accessories

The proper tools can help your customers have a great experience with your candles! We offer several tools that will encourage them to maintain their candles and keep them performing well!

For candle making tips, bath & body DIY, resources and supplies visit our Candle, Bath & Body Facebook page.









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  1. Jennifer Duke Posted October 24, 2016 at 11:45 am | Permalink

    Great recommends. One resource I’d suggest is They have big batch equipment like melters, pumpers for fragrances, etc that make life easier. I have liked them better than others on the market. I’m not sure if everyone reading this post needs industrial equipment, but if anyone does, I’d highly recommend this company!

  2. Eye Ocegueda Posted November 4, 2016 at 12:06 am | Permalink

    Do you have a sampler kit of all the fragances? I would love to buy it if you have, instead of buying 1oz of every single one.

    • Lisa Reinhart Posted November 4, 2016 at 8:40 am | Permalink

      The 1oz sample size is the smallest volume we have available. If you’re local, we’d encourage you to stop by our facility where you can smell them. We do take & fill orders there in the office.