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5 Tips for Crispy Pickles

We don’t all have the space in our refrigerators to be squirrelling away Refrigerator Pickles to last us the year. Some recipes call for a “pickling agent”, but if you’re adverse to that, or if you really want to increase your crispy odds, here are some tips and recipes...

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cucumber Relish

Cucumber Relish Recipe

Super large cucumbers are often hard to transform into crispy pickle spears and are often quite seedy, but they still have potential! We decided to make cucumber relish and cucumber salad with our overgrown cucumbers. We like a relish in which all of the players can be identified, so...

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How to Use Low Temperature Pasteurization for Pickles

We recently hosted a canning class taught by Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars. The hands-on canning class, at Fillmore Container, focused on low temperature pasteurization. For those of you that are following along with the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge, this month’s challenge is all about Low-Temperature Pasteurization. What...

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