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How to Can Apple Pie Filling with Simply Canning

Canned Apple Pie Filling Orchard Road Jars


SHARE THIS PAGE: Simply Canning, is a great resource for information on canning safety, recipes, canning tips, how to’s and product reviews. The articles are easy to read and understand, The information is valid for a newbie & veteran canners.   If you haven’t checked it out, yet…you should! Sharon Peterson, the woman behind Simply Canning, is […]

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The Best Selling Pickle Book + Spicy Pickled Peach Recipe

The Joy of Pickling- Fillmore Container


SHARE THIS PAGE: Introducing the third edition of the best-selling pickle book ever! The Joy of Pickling is packed full of pickling recipes, including 50 brand new recipes. You’ll find recipes that utilize both a variety of preserving methods including canning, no-fuss quick pickles for the refrigerator or freezer, and fermented pickles. Plus, a whole […]

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Herbes Salées Recipe and other reasons to grow an Herb Garden



SHARE THIS PAGE: My Herb Garden has changed a little bit every single year since its inception, and I have to say that there’s something intoxicating about a thriving herb garden. Perhaps it’s the ease of growing them, and their happy wandering nature, or the wonderful flavors they add when tossed into salads, sauces, soups, […]

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Ball Canning Jars and New Preserving Tools


SHARE THIS PAGE: We’ve been fans of Ball Canning for quite awhile. We are avid users of their canning products, and of course we carry a large selection of their products too.  This summer, Ball Canning, has introduced some pretty cool new tools and products that will motivate you to try something new and help […]

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Gift Ideas for Teachers


SHARE THIS PAGE: The school year is soon coming to a close, and we’ve been on the hunt for some fun ways to say “thank you” to the teachers who encourage our kids to love learning all school year long. Teacher Thank You Gifts Sweet Treats This Ice Cream themed teacher’s gift is the perfect […]

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Simply Canning Reviews + a Giveaway


SHARE THIS PAGE: If you haven’t discovered Simply Canning, which is a very informative canning website, it’s high time you did. Sharon Peterson, the woman behind Simply Canning, began her canning journey for the same reason many of us have; gardening and home preserving food proved to be a great way to provide nutritious, simple, […]

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Knowing When to Can OR to Freeze


SHARE THIS PAGE: I am quick to admit that it is very satisfying to see my countertop lined with cooling jars, and then to know that I can grab one just seconds before the contents are needed for a meal or snack. It is enjoyable to browse the shelves of preserves & choose a few […]

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June Jamming Giveaway with Pomona’s Pectin


SHARE THIS PAGE: It’s time to jump into jamming season, and we’ve partnered with Pomona’s Pectin to help you get started. Two very lucky winners will receive A case (6) Orchard Road 8-oz jelly jars and lids from Fillmore Container Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin, by Allison Carroll Duffy, and a box of Pomona’s Universal Pectin from […]

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Strawberry-Vanilla Preserves Recipe


SHARE THIS PAGE: Our friends at Pomona’s Universal Pectin wanted to share this Strawberry-Vanilla Preserves recipe with us. The recipe is from their book  Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin by Allison Carroll Duffy (Fair Winds Press, June 2013). As strawberries come to season in your neck of the woods, this recipe should be on your list. Allison […]

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Countdown to Canning Season


SHARE THIS PAGE: The first day of spring has come and gone and we, like you, are anxious for our favorite local fruits and vegetables to come to season so we can restock our canning shelves. We’ve updated our master canning to do list – 5 Tips to Prepare for Canning Season – to help […]

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