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Top Mason Jar Accessories


SHARE THIS PAGE: There have been so many great creations to adapt Mason jars to be useful beyond their original purpose of preserving food. Here are a few of our top sellers! 1. The Cuppow folks continue to top our list with 3 pretty cool products.  The Cuppow Coozie is made with Pfelt, which is […]

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Mason Jar Banks – DIY Craft Project


SHARE THIS PAGE: School is out and it’s time for some fun DIY projects for the kids. We created these Mason jar banks as a fun crafty activity, and we were able to sneak in a lesson about money management. We simply took tissue paper and used ModPodge to secure and seal it to the jars. […]

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Strawberry Jam – Pomona’s Pectin in Action


SHARE THIS PAGE: We’ve become quite fond of Pomona’s Universal Pectin. Our preserving habit can be somewhat unpredictable – from testing products, processes or recipes; To keeping up with the garden, and surprise arrivals of auction produce from my Father.  All of these scenarios in addition to our regular schedule of putting up “planned foods” […]

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5 Tips on How to Prepare for Canning Season


SHARE THIS PAGE: Whether you’re a canner, a freezer, a fermenter, a dehydrator or all of the above; we’ve compiled a few tips to help you gear up for canning season, so you can get the most taste and quality out of your preserved goodness. 1. Start a Preserving Journal We started one so that […]

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How to Choose a Canning Lid


SHARE THIS PAGE: Canning season is in high gear and we’ve received a lot of questions about selecting the proper lid for your canning jar. We’ve put together a basic guide that will help you determine the proper CT lid (continuous-thread lid) for your canning needs. Not sure what a continuous-thread lid is?  A CT […]

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