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Rosemary Grapefruit Jam for National Grapefruit Month


SHARE THIS PAGE: We had quite a few grapefruit from the holidays and it was quite apparent that if I didn’t do something with a goodly portion of them now, some of them may end up feeding our worms. Their peels had begun to dry out a bit and sadly,  the opportunity for marmalade had […]

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Food in Jars inspired Vanilla Plum Jam (Sugar Substitution)


SHARE THIS PAGE: Toward the end of the summer, our CSA had a couple of quarts of beautiful Plums that I just couldn’t resist. It turned out that they weren’t ripe yet, so they went into an agate tray and onto the wall that skirts our kitchen– where I put fruit to ripen in plain […]

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Frozen Blueberries & Fresh Rhubarb Jam


SHARE THIS PAGE: Linda Ziedrich, our guest blogger, is sharing her blueberry-rhubarb jam recipe. Linda is a Master Gardener and a Master Food Preserver and the author of The Joy of Jams, Jellies, and Other Sweet Preserves, and The Joy of Pickling. Frozen Blueberries Love Fresh Rhubarb In jams, pies, cobblers, and other sweet treats, […]

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