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Preserving Peaches


SHARE THIS PAGE: Here in Lancaster, PA, we’re just now heading into Peach Picking time for freestone Peaches and are super excited! We’re watching Cherry Hill Orchard’s site to see when they’re officially available and when the Pick-Your-Own opens up. We wanted to pass along some delicious ways to put up those sweet fruits! Peach […]

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Pressure Canning Recipes


SHARE THIS PAGE: If you’re preserving low acid foods – like meats and most vegetables, pressure canning is the only safe way to create a safe and shelf stable product. It used to be that your only options for containers and lids used in pressure canning were Ball jars and their 2-piece lids. There is […]

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June Jamming Giveaway with Pomona’s Pectin


SHARE THIS PAGE: It’s time to jump into jamming season, and we’ve partnered with Pomona’s Pectin to help you get started. Two very lucky winners will receive A case (6) Orchard Road 8-oz jelly jars and lids from Fillmore Container Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin, by Allison Carroll Duffy, and a box of Pomona’s Universal Pectin from […]

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Is it OK if my water bath canner or canning rings are rusty?


SHARE THIS PAGE: We won’t tell you that rust is good, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of the road for your canning supplies. Water Bath Canners & Racks: If you’re using a typical agate water bath canner, chances are, it has many stories to tell and the battle scars to prove its […]

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Get More Out Of Your CSA – Make Vegetable Stock


SHARE THIS PAGE: We are pleased to introduce our guest blogger, Sarah Mock from How I Pinch a Penny. Sarah has some excellent tips and creative ways to save money around your home. One way she saves, is by preserving her own food. Today she is teaching us how to use every ounce of goodness […]

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Organize Your Canning Supplies


SHARE THIS PAGE: Our recent blog post 5 Tips on How To Prepare for Canning Season inspired some great ideas on how to organize canning supplies and equipment. June G. one of our fans on Facebook shared an outstanding idea! She repurposed a used entertainment center to build a preservation center. “Since I can year […]

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Crockpot Apple Butter Recipe


SHARE THIS PAGE: A is for APPLE…B is for BUTTER…and it’s what we’re up to this time of year! Last year we made some crockpot apple butter and it was such a hit and super easy, we decided to do it again. This year we had three crockpots going. We used a recipe from Canning […]

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How to Measure Jars and Lids for the Perfect Match


SHARE THIS PAGE: We often hear from folks who have some bottles and jars, but need some new lids in order to re-use or re-purpose them. “How do I know what size lid will fit” is the question we get asked. Sometimes, it’s the opposite…a customer inherits a large number of lids, but doesn’t have […]

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How to Choose a Canning Lid


SHARE THIS PAGE: Canning season is in high gear and we’ve received a lot of questions about selecting the proper lid for your canning jar. We’ve put together a basic guide that will help you determine the proper CT lid (continuous-thread lid) for your canning needs. Not sure what a continuous-thread lid is?  A CT […]

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