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Polish Dill Pickle Soup or How to Use those so-so Pickles


SHARE THIS PAGE: I recently came upon this Polish Dill Pickle Soup by  Sommer of A Spicy Perspective and was instantly intrigued. We love Dill. I love finding ways to rescue food. Our kids have been practicing their knife & sauteing skills. My father had recently delivered a load of potatoes. So, of course, we […]

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7 Ways to Use Your Cabbage


SHARE THIS PAGE: I’m not ambitious enough to grow cabbage in my garden, but have gotten some in our CSA box and from my Father’s trips to our local produce auction. I’ve come to realize that a single head of cabbage can go surprisingly far once sliced or shredded and have concluded that I simply […]

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Fruit Medley Smoothie Recipe



SHARE THIS PAGE: A big thanks to one of our giveaway winner, Jacqueline Strickland. She won our Paper Straw Giveaway earlier this summer, when we introduced our great new paper straw designs and new pricing. Jacqueline selected the Confetti Dots and Robin Blue Dots patterns and used them at an upcoming gathering she was planning, […]

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Herbes Salées Recipe and other reasons to grow an Herb Garden



SHARE THIS PAGE: My Herb Garden has changed a little bit every single year since its inception, and I have to say that there’s something intoxicating about a thriving herb garden. Perhaps it’s the ease of growing them, and their happy wandering nature, or the wonderful flavors they add when tossed into salads, sauces, soups, […]

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Lemony Dill Zucchini Salad


SHARE THIS PAGE: Another good thing to do with Zucchini Most summers, the zucchini availability becomes a laughing matter…because we get so many that we’re all trying to give them away! We’ve learned to enjoy them roasted or grilled, sautéed, and as raw cubes in salads or raw fry strips in veggie trays. This week, […]

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Homemade Vinaigrette & Dressing Recipes


SHARE THIS PAGE: It’s easy to get caught up in the glory of fresh greens, fruits & herbs in the spring and summer when everything is new & fresh! Here are some of our favorite ways to make even the humblest of salads shine! Most vinaigrettes also take your grilled or roasted vegetables to another […]

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Asparagus Recipe Round Up


SHARE THIS PAGE: It’s that time of the year in these parts…when just about every road side stand and farmer’s market is showing off their bundles of freshly cut asparagus. Those bright green spears, sometimes tipped with some purple hues are just irresistible! Our family loves to enjoy them roasted – with a little olive […]

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Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Treats


SHARE THIS PAGE: Jennifer Cucci of Heavenly Cake Pops has been hard at work coming up with some fun Valentine’s Day ideas using her very cool Heavenly Cake Pop easy roller and our Mason jars. We love cake pops, and we really love how sweet they look in our jars! Get the ‘how to’ below. […]

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Preserves in Action – Easy Hand Pies


SHARE THIS PAGE: These little treats have become a new favorite for our family. Earlier this fall, during a very cool spell, I volunteered to bring a simple packed supper for my in-laws to enjoy with us as we saved our spaces and waited for our local parade. I was thinking something warm and on […]

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Potato Leek Soup Recipe


SHARE THIS PAGE: Last year we meet Sean Arnold at the PA Farm Show. He joined us along with Buy Fresh Buy Local, to talk about how to find, choose and appreciate great local foods, and support the farmers and lands, which produce them. Sean Arnold, from the Healthy World Café’ and Executive Chef for Underground […]

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