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Strawberry Jam Recipes and More


SHARE THIS PAGE: We are happily welcoming strawberry season here in Lancaster, PA. If you can get your hands on some fresh berries, here are a few ways to preserve that irresistible taste for later! Hooked on the Vanilla Bean? Try this incredibly addictive Strawberry Vanilla Jam from Food in Jars. Want this same great […]

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Very Merry DIY Gifting Ideas + 2 Giveaways!


SHARE THIS PAGE: We’ve been busy testing some new DIY holiday gifting ideas, and have enjoyed reading the ideas from our friend, Kate Payne, of The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking. Kate made raw live vinegar from fruit scraps and is gifting them in our French Square Dairy Jars. What a great way to eliminate […]

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How to Make Your Own Mulling Spice


SHARE THIS PAGE: One of our favorite ways to welcome these shorter days, cold evenings and the Holidays is to make Mulled Apple Cider. Once the aroma fills our home, it suddenly feels warmer and the world is a better place!  In the past, I’d simply thrown a scoop of whole cloves and a cinnamon […]

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Mason Jar Smoothie Recipes


SHARE THIS PAGE: We think drinks just taste better in jars, especially smoothies! We are sharing a couple smoothie recipes that feature some of our favorite autumn & winter flavors! But, before we get to that…we wanted to tell you about our friend, Kelly from Eclectically Vintage.  She’s created a yummy cocktail perfect for Ball’s […]

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Fruit & Herb Infused Water Bar


SHARE THIS PAGE: Last week we posted our favorite home brewed summer tea recipes. This week we thought we’d share some fun we had with a fruit and herb infused water bar. It was a hit at a recent gathering! We equipped each our our guest with the very own Mason Jar Handled Mug and […]

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Summer Tea Recipes


SHARE THIS PAGE: Hopefully your garden is planted, your flowerpots are filled up and all the mulching is done! Time to enjoy one of the great summer pleasures – sipping some old-fashioned sun brewed tea, from our Handled Mason Jar Mugs served from our Beverage Dispensers, of course! Here in Lancaster County we call this […]

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Fun Ideas for Summer Celebrations


SHARE THIS PAGE: After the winter that lasted forever and the spring that never seemed to take hold (golf shirt weather one day, fleece jackets the next?) we are so ready to gear up for summer, especially summer celebrations. Well, technically, Memorial Day comes before the official start of summer, but you get the idea. […]

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The Perfect Party Pair – Mason Jar Mugs & Paper Straws


SHARE THIS PAGE: Whatever party you are throwing next you’ll need some festive drink ware. A set of our Mason Jar Handled Mugs and fancy Paper Straws are the perfect addition for your next soiree! The straws are so fun and come in an assortment of colors. The Mason Jar Handled Mug is one of […]

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Homemade Root Beer


SHARE THIS PAGE: Old fashioned root beer is a great complement to summer gatherings, and has been for hundreds of years. History indicates that a version of this creamy carbonated treat was brewed by eighteenth-century farmers in stills for family gatherings and parties. It seems making homemade root beer is part of our roots! Read […]

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