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How to Dry Herbs in your Oven


SHARE THIS PAGE: If you’re a couple of years into your herb garden, you’ve likely realized that there are some herbs that you just can’t keep up with. Some of them – like our Thyme, Oregano and Savory – faired very well over the winter, had expanded their growth area and were bursting with new […]

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Planning to Preserve the Harvest – Part 2


SHARE THIS PAGE:  In the 1st part of this series, we shared tips on how to pull together your preserving plan. The focus of Part 2 is on how to make sure that your preserving toolbox is up to date, stocked and ready for action! Evaluate your Preserving Ingredients: Check expiration dates & freshness on […]

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JarBox Keeps Jars Organized and Safe



SHARE THIS PAGE: We keep our canning jars safe, clean, & organized using a JarBox! The JarBox is a set of two rigid plastic shells molded to safely nestle one dozen (12) canning jars. The JarBox trays snap firmly together, encasing their contents safely and protecting your canning investment from top to bottom. You can […]

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Introducing Swing Top Bottles

Homemade Vanilla Extract - SwingTop Bottle - Fillmore Container


SHARE THIS PAGE: We are pleased to add EZ-Cap bottles to our product list. These quality swing top bottles are perfect for sauces, vinegars, oils, kombucha, syrup, home brews, extracts or anything that requires a glass bottle with a re-sealable cap. Whether you select EZ-Cap bottles for your personal use, or if you are packaging your […]

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Ball Canning Jars and New Preserving Tools


SHARE THIS PAGE: We’ve been fans of Ball Canning for quite awhile. We are avid users of their canning products, and of course we carry a large selection of their products too.  This summer, Ball Canning, has introduced some pretty cool new tools and products that will motivate you to try something new and help […]

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How to be Earth Day Friendly Every Day


SHARE THIS PAGE: We’ve been sharing some Earth Friendly practices and products through Facebook and Google+ this month and thought we’d pull some together in one spot!  If you’re reading this, you’re probably already of the mindset that every day is earth day, but perhaps you’ll find something new. We aim to be as earth-friendly […]

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The Best Containers for Extracts & Oils


SHARE THIS PAGE: Amber Glass Containers with PolyCone Phenolic Lids & Dropper Lids The best jars for storing extracts, oils and other liquids are the Amber Boston Round glass containers. The Amber jars come in a variety of sizes (1 oz., 2 oz.  4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz.) and offer UV […]

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How to Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products


SHARE THIS PAGE: For some households, using homemade products for the home and for the body has been a long-lasting lifestyle choice as opposed to a trend that has intermittently taken the home-maker interwebs by storm.   Indeed, there are is a spectrum on this …many feel that they don’t have the time or don’t wish […]

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Introducing Ball’s Collection Elite Jars + a Giveaway


SHARE THIS PAGE: Our warehouse was a sea of BLUE this morning! We anxiously welcomed Ball’s newest line the Collection Elite® Color Series jars made with blue glass. We’re so excited that we are giving away a few cases of them. See the details at the end of the post. These beautiful blue glass jars […]

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Top 10 Reasons iLIDS are Really Intelligent Lids


SHARE THIS PAGE: Intelligent LIDS or iLIDS are a unique product that was invented by a Seattle woman who loves her mason jars, and like many of us, wanted a one-piece, non-rusting, reusable, non-leaking lid for everyday use. Many of us use Mason jars beyond preserving…packing Mason jar meals, blending smoothies, making iced tea concentrate, […]

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