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Pressure Canning Recipes


SHARE THIS PAGE: If you’re preserving low acid foods – like meats and most vegetables, pressure canning is the only safe way to create a safe and shelf stable product. It used to be that your only options for containers and lids used in pressure canning were Ball jars and their 2-piece lids. There is […]

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Food in Jars inspired Vanilla Plum Jam (Sugar Substitution)


SHARE THIS PAGE: Toward the end of the summer, our CSA had a couple of quarts of beautiful Plums that I just couldn’t resist. It turned out that they weren’t ripe yet, so they went into an agate tray and onto the wall that skirts our kitchen– where I put fruit to ripen in plain […]

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Knowing When to Can OR to Freeze


SHARE THIS PAGE: I am quick to admit that it is very satisfying to see my countertop lined with cooling jars, and then to know that I can grab one just seconds before the contents are needed for a meal or snack. It is enjoyable to browse the shelves of preserves & choose a few […]

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Which Jars are Safe for Pressure Canning?


SHARE THIS PAGE: Pressure canning is the only method recommended safe by the U.S.D.A. for preserving low-acid foods such as meats and fish, soups & stocks. Wondering what the difference is between water bath canning and pressure canning? It’s all about the temperature! A boiling water bath canner cannot surpass 212 degrees Fahrenheit. A Pressure […]

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Pressure Canners vs. Pressure Cookers for Canning


SHARE THIS PAGE: Richard Kralj, Food Safety & Quality-Senior Extension Educator at Penn State Extension presented a pressure canning demo at our Preservation Station at the PA Farm Show. There were many questions regarding pressure canning at the PA Farm Show, and we continue to get questions about this topic. As more small kitchen appliances […]

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Can-It-Forward Day, Corn Relish Recipe + A Giveaway


SHARE THIS PAGE: The 5th annual Can-It-Forward Day is Saturday, August 1st.  Can-It-Forward Day offers live, free webcast of home canning demonstrations, free recipes and more. The event encourages gardeners & food enthusiasts across the country to celebrate what “Made From Here” means to them by fresh preserving their favorite local ingredients in peak season. […]

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Marisa McClellan to Teach Tomato Canning Workshop + Giveaway


SHARE THIS PAGE: Join local canning teacher and cookbook author Marisa McClellan for a tomato canning workshop at Christina Maser Co. in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Saturday, July 25, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Reserve your tickets now. Marisa McClellan, a food writer, canning teacher, and dedicated farmers market shopper who lives in Center […]

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How to Win a Blue Ribbon for Canned Goods at the Fair


SHARE THIS PAGE: Veteran judges, Louetta Hurst and Vicki Becker, have seen their share of judging. They’ve shared their expertise at many local & county fairs and we caught up with them at the PA State Farm Show. For a couple of years, now, we’ve been participating in the PA State Farm Show. (You can […]

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Can I re-use my Baby Food Jars?


SHARE THIS PAGE: If  you want to reuse old baby food jars, ask yourself these three questions first. Do you plan to use old baby food jars for a vase or craft project where you’re not expecting the lid to do anything important? Do you want to preserve food in old baby food jars? Do […]

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Cooking with Local Produce and Canning Tomatoes at the PA Farm Show


SHARE THIS PAGE: Today, Friday January 16, 2015 we will have two demonstrations at the Family Living Stage at the PA Farm Show. First up is Buy Fresh Buy Local, a subsidiary of PASA. They will talk about how to find, choose and appreciate great local foods, and support the farmers and lands, which produce […]

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