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Preserving Peaches


SHARE THIS PAGE: Here in Lancaster, PA, we’re just now heading into Peach Picking time for freestone Peaches and are super excited! We’re watching Cherry Hill Orchard’s site to see when they’re officially available and when the Pick-Your-Own opens up. We wanted to pass along some delicious ways to put up those sweet fruits! Peach […]

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Batch – A Book Review and a Recipe


SHARE THIS PAGE: We have been enjoying the quality content of the Well Preserved blog for some time now, and are so pleased to carry Batch – a very tangible result of Joel MacCharles & Dana Harrison’s adventures with food and preserving. In Batch, they have created an incredibly useful & enjoyable resource and have given a […]

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Can-It-Forward Day 2016


SHARE THIS PAGE: Can-It-Forward Day will take place on Friday, July 22nd. Now in its 6th year, Can-It-Forward Day was born from the desire to share – or pay forward – the joy and benefits of canning, bringing together canners, gardeners and food enthusiasts alike.  Sounds pretty great to us! Interested preservers can watch Canning […]

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Lemony Dill Zucchini Salad


SHARE THIS PAGE: Another good thing to do with Zucchini Most summers, the zucchini availability becomes a laughing matter…because we get so many that we’re all trying to give them away! We’ve learned to enjoy them roasted or grilled, sautéed, and as raw cubes in salads or raw fry strips in veggie trays. This week, […]

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Ball Canning Jars and New Preserving Tools


SHARE THIS PAGE: We’ve been fans of Ball Canning for quite awhile. We are avid users of their canning products, and of course we carry a large selection of their products too.  This summer, Ball Canning, has introduced some pretty cool new tools and products that will motivate you to try something new and help […]

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