The Best Containers for Extracts & Oils


Amber Glass Containers with PolyCone Phenolic Lids & Dropper Lids

The best jars for storing extracts, oils and other liquids are the Amber Boston Round glass containers. The Amber jars come in a variety of sizes (1 oz., 2 oz4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz.) and offer UV protection for light-sensitive products and have a narrow mouth for precision pouring. Our customers have used these jars for DIY cleaning liquids, bitters, specialty drinks, extracts (like our homemade vanilla extract) and so much more.

Amber Bottles Dropper Lids Phenolic Lids


PolyCone Lined Phenolic Caps

The lids for the Amber jars are pretty cool! The jars use the PolyCone Lined Phenolic Caps. The caps form an exceptionally tight seal and provide a good chemical barrier. The cone shaped liner allows for a superior seal because it molds itself around the sealing area of the finish on the glass bottles. It is constructed of an oil-resistant plastic, which makes it a great match for oils, essential oils, solvents and liquids that require more care in storage or that could be caustic to your average lid. Pairing our Amber glass containers with PolyCone lids creates an excellent storage option for extracts, oils, brews, chemicals, medicines and other valuable liquids.


Dropper Caps

Also available are Dropper Caps which are ideal for measuring out small amounts of liquids. We offer dropper caps that pair with our 1 oz, 2 oz,  and 4 oz jars.  Whether you are making your own tinctures, custom fragrances or essential oil blends our dropper will become indispensable.


Mini_Stainless_Steel_FunnelThe easiest way to fill these jars is with our Mini Stainless Steel Funnel. It’s the perfect size to transfer herbs, spices, extracts, oils and other liquids into the Amber jars without risking spillage.



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