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New Fermenting Tools


SHARE THIS PAGE: We’ve continued to add to our fermenting supplies products, and are really excited to bring in more products to round out this category. We recently added some new fermenting gadgets and we never got the chance to properly introduce these new tools. As we expand our fermenting knowledge, we’ve been using these […]

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Naturally Sweet Food In Jars – a Review and a Recipe


SHARE THIS PAGE: We’ve been looking forward to Marisa McClellan’s latest creation; Naturally Sweet Food in Jars; for quite some time and are thrilled to have added it to our Preserving Library along with the original Food in Jars and Preserving by the Pint. Marisa McClellan is a food blogger, cookbook author, and canning teacher […]

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How to Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products


SHARE THIS PAGE: For some households, using homemade products for the home and for the body has been a long-lasting lifestyle choice as opposed to a trend that has intermittently taken the home-maker interwebs by storm.   Indeed, there are is a spectrum on this …many feel that they don’t have the time or don’t wish […]

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Tips for a Growing Candle Business


SHARE THIS PAGE: Is your candle line growing? We hope it is! As with any growing business, there are important opportunities along the way to add value for your customers – both in the way of the physical product they purchase, in addition to the experience and engagement involved in that purchase. Educate and encourage […]

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