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A Family Tradition and a Recipe for Quince Honey


SHARE THIS PAGE: In the past couple of years, we’ve had the honor of hosting Thanksgiving for my father’s side of the family, and crazy as it may seem, I love it. The planning, cooking, decorating…but most of all, getting to fellowship with some of my favorite people. As we prepare, it always brings back […]

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Simply Canning Reviews + a Giveaway


SHARE THIS PAGE: If you haven’t discovered Simply Canning, which is a very informative canning website, it’s high time you did. Sharon Peterson, the woman behind Simply Canning, began her canning journey for the same reason many of us have; gardening and home preserving food proved to be a great way to provide nutritious, simple, […]

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Knowing When to Can OR to Freeze


SHARE THIS PAGE: I am quick to admit that it is very satisfying to see my countertop lined with cooling jars, and then to know that I can grab one just seconds before the contents are needed for a meal or snack. It is enjoyable to browse the shelves of preserves & choose a few […]

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Honey Jars


SHARE THIS PAGE: We think that these Honey Jars are simply delightful! Our most recent additions to the Honey Jar Line: Hive Jar This attractively designed 12 oz Skep (Hive) Jar is the perfect container to showcase honey. The front and back of the jar provides a surface for labeling. We like to encourage customers […]

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New TruScent Fragrances, Tips for Better Candle Testing


SHARE THIS PAGE: One of the exciting and challenging parts of running a small business is the task of deciding which new items to add to your line, or how to change things up in preparation for the upcoming season. For our chandlers, we understand that it isn’t a simple task! There are so many […]

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Drinking Vinegar Never Tasted So Sweet


SHARE THIS PAGE: Today we’re thirsty and we’re talking about shrubs. No, not the green, leafy kind that grows in your yard. The acidic yet refreshing beverage enjoyed by many for CENTURIES. Crazy, right? Shrubs are an acidulated drink that stems from almost as early as the Middle Ages and was drank in the Middle […]

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