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Does Fillmore Container offer “Free Shipping”?


SHARE THIS PAGE: We get this question fairly often, and in light of the Amazons of the world, it’s not surprising. While some retailers have felt compelled to offer this as part of their marketing model, there is a simple fact that cannot be ignored. FACT:  Neither UPS, FedEx nor any other carrier ships anything […]

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Can I re-use my Baby Food Jars?


SHARE THIS PAGE: If  you want to reuse old baby food jars, ask yourself these three questions first. Do you plan to use old baby food jars for a vase or craft project where you’re not expecting the lid to do anything important? Do you want to preserve food in old baby food jars? Do […]

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Cuppa Noodle Soup Mason Jar Meal


SHARE THIS PAGE: Mason Jar Meals are the perfect solution to lunch-packing boredom. They offer quick healthy meals for lunch, on the go, or a busy weeknight. You can prep a bunch of meals at once and your fridge will be stocked with delicious meals all week long. Robin Joss, owner of Big Red Kitchen […]

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