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Mason Jar Banks – DIY Craft Project


SHARE THIS PAGE: School is out and it’s time for some fun DIY projects for the kids. We created these Mason jar banks as a fun crafty activity, and we were able to sneak in a lesson about money management. We simply took tissue paper and used ModPodge to secure and seal it to the jars. […]

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How to Use a Mason Jar Cherry Pittter + a Giveaway


SHARE THIS PAGE: Cherry season is about to begin in our neck of the woods. Pick-your-own cherry season starts on Friday, at one of our local fruit farms. Picking cherries is loads of fun, but pitting them…well it’s the pits…literally! In an effort to forever eliminate this grueling task from our cherry jamming efforts we […]

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Fruit & Herb Infused Water Bar


SHARE THIS PAGE: Last week we posted our favorite home brewed summer tea recipes. This week we thought we’d share some fun we had with a fruit and herb infused water bar. It was a hit at a recent gathering! We equipped each our our guest with the very own Mason Jar Handled Mug and […]

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Announcing Our Pay It Forward Program


SHARE THIS PAGE: We are pleased to announce our Pay it Forward program! You may remember the movie “Pay it Forward”, about a boy who sets out to help others by “paying it forward” with good deeds. Our program follows a similar premise – a portion of the proceeds of some of our products will […]

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Summer Tea Recipes


SHARE THIS PAGE: Hopefully your garden is planted, your flowerpots are filled up and all the mulching is done! Time to enjoy one of the great summer pleasures – sipping some old-fashioned sun brewed tea, from our Handled Mason Jar Mugs served from our Beverage Dispensers, of course! Here in Lancaster County we call this […]

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